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Protect your website and your business against malicious threats such as malware, SQL injection, and other sophisticated techniques used by hackers to steal your customers data and do damage to your business reputation.

Product Plans and Pricing

Find Plan

  • Daily Malware scanning
  • One-time Vulnerability scan
  • SiteLock trust seal
  • Business Verification



Fix Plan

  • Daily Malware scanning
  • Daily Vulnerability scan
  • SiteLock trust seal
  • Business Verification


  • Daily blacklist and spam monitoring
  • Automatic Malware removal
  • Web Application scanning
  • SSL and Domain verification





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Features and Benefits

Have the experts in your corner

SiteLock malware scanners scan all website files and applications, comparing them to the SiteLock proprietary database of over 12 million malicious file types. If malicious content is identified on your website, you will be notified via email immediately, and SiteLock will attempt to remove the malware from your site automatically.

Stay one step ahead of those looking to cause you harm

SiteLocks website scanning, vulnerability patching and malware removal features ensure that you are providing your customers a safe online environment for them to do business with you. Scans identify possible malwares, viruses and other cyber threats that may already exist on your website or possible vulnerabilities that you can fix before they are exploited. Any malicious content from your website is remedied.

Show visitors that your website is protected

Display the SiteLock security seal on your site, and let your customers know that your website is safe, and that you've taken the necessary steps to protect them.

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